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1920 - 12-inch Wye level, the first product of Sokkisha

1928 - Magnometer for the Navy

1959 - NO10 transit and AL2 automatic level

1963 - TM10 ten second theodolite

1964 - best-selling B2 automatic level with magnet damper

1972-75 - SDM3 electronic distance meter, the LTS20 laser theodolite, the DT0306 electronic digital theodolite and TM1A one-second theodolite

1980 - PL1 first-order precision level and RED1A electronic distance meter

1982 - REDmini electronic distance meter, an extremely compact model and SDM3E Semi-Total Station

1983 - DT20E electronic digital theodolite

1985 - LP3A laser level planer

1985 - SET3 electronic Total Station

1987 - DT5 electronic digital theodolite

1988 - GP1-2 Gyro Station

1989 - SET2C/ SET3C /SET4C intelligent Total Station

1990 - SET5 electronic Total Station and 3-D Coordinate Measuring System MONMOS (3D Station NET2)

1995 - POWERSET series total stations

1996 - Series100 total stations

1997 - SET5W waterproof/dustproof total station, SDL30 digital level and GSR2300 RTK GPS Receiver

1998 - LDT50 laser digital theodolite

1999 - SET4110R Reflectorless Total Station, SET500/600 total stations, Series220/120 total stations, and Radian RTK GPS Receiver

2000 - C320/330 automatic levels, Radian IS Integrated RTK GPS Receiver and Axis3 GIS Mapping GPS Receiver

2001 - C300/310 automatic levels, SET4110M auto pointing total station and Stratus Single Frequency Static GPS Receiver

2002 - RED-tech EDM, Series30R reflectorless total stations that incorporate RED-tech EDM, LP30A/31A leveling lasers, GSR2600 Modular RTK GPS Receiver, and Series 30R Reflectorless Total Station

2003 - Series030R reflectorless total stations, new MONMOS system using the NET1200 and SDR4000, ultra-low power consumption DT210/510/510A/610 electronic, digital theodolites, and Series130R reflectorless total stations

2004 - GP3130R3 Gyro Station

2005 - GSR2700RS GPS Reference Station and GSR2700IS Integrated RTK GPS System

2006 – SRX Robotic total station

2007 - GSR2700ISX Integrated GNSS receiver

2007 - GSR2700RSX GNSS reference Station

2008 - GSR 1700CSX Single Frequency Static/RTK GNSS Receiver

2009 - SDL1X – Precise Digital Level

2010 - GRX1 GNSS receiver and SRX Robotic total station

2011 - GRX2 GNSS receiver and Gyro XII Automated Gyro Station

2012 - SX Robotic Total Station and FX Reflectorless Onboard Total Station

2015 - GCX2 GNSS receiver

2016 - iX Robotic Total Station (ultrasonic motors)

2017 - GCX3 GNSS receiver and iM-100 Reflectorless Total Station

2019 - iM-50 Reflectorless Total Station